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Why using staplers increases your carbon footprint.

Reduce Your Office Carbon Footprint


How making a minor change in your office can reduce your carbon footprint.

The use of staples in your office or home increases your carbon footprint, as they are a one use only product. They aren’t practical to be recycled, meaning that they aren’t eco-friendly. Can you imagine the amount of staples that are currently covering the earths surface? Especially considering how many people use staplers today, in offices across the world.

There are two ‘greener’ alternatives which we prefer to use. Firstly the paper clip, they are seen to be eco-friendly as we are able to reuse them. There are 3 types which are available. Recycled metal paper clips, recycled plastic clips & recycled wooden clips. We have a preference for the recycled plastic paper clips. This is due to the fact that they are reliable enough to bind large groups of paper, easier to widely recycle and more cost effective.

Secondly there is a relatively new product which is essentially ‘a staple-less stapler’. It functions by cutting a small strip of paper, folding it and pulling it back through the sheets of paper. In essence creating a stitch. The benefit of this is that it only uses the paper. So after you’ve purchased the product theres so added cost for staples or paper clips. Making it an efficient purchase. Additionally there is no extra recycling involved just the paper which would be recycled anyhow. The only drawback from this is that you can only group up to around 5 sheets of paper together.

We tend to use the recycled paper clips for large groups of paper sheets and the green stapler for 5 sheets and below. Thus keeping the carbon footprint of Joined in Life to a minimum.

You can buy your eco-friendly stapler here

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