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Tips to start being eco-friendly

5 easy eco-friendly tips

5 Easy ways to start being eco-friendly.


Being an advocate of leading a conscious lifestyle, I thought it might be beneficial to provide some tips for those who want to start being eco-friendly. So I decided to come up with five easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Reuse/recycle items – Sounds simple enough but it has a big impact on our planet and not everyone actively recycles. Reusing items rather than using disposable cups at work, take in your own cup and simple reuse it. Upcycling items is a nifty way to save money whilst giving things a new look.Also donate your old or unwanted clothes to charity.
  2. Use natural products – e.g make up & skin care products. Check the labels and see what chemicals you are actually putting on your skin.
  3. Eat from sustainable food sources. This covers a wide range of areas. Eating sustainable fish sources, fair-trade certified items & more vegetables.
  4. Use public transport – when appropriate. If its within a certain radius and the weathers nice why not walk or even cycle to your destination. Another way to reduce your carbon footprint is to carpool. If you and your friends are meeting at a destination why not use the same transport.
  5. Use a household compost bin. You simply put your food waste (e.g tea bags and egg shells) and garden waste in your compost bin.  Sounds to easy right? This actually allows the waste to breakdown aerobically unlike in a landfill, preventing lots of greenhouse gases being emitted into environment.


In summary its really easy to start being eco-friendly & reduce your carbon footprint. The hard part is being consistently active about it (but keep up with it and eventually it’ll become a habit…a good habit). Try to be mindful and aware of conscious lifestyle choices & the impact it has on the worlds environment.

Tune in this time next week for a new blog post!

5 easy eco-friendly tips