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Designing our t-shirts

T-shirt designs

The meaning behind our launch t-shirt designs and colours.

Our launch t-shirts included three different tee designs; arrow, triangle and life tee. With these designs we used three different coloured salvage t-shirts; red, blue and grey.

  • Arrow design: The two arrows crossed over, facing the same way indicates friendship. A circle has many meanings; circle of life, wholeness, protection, the sun & perfection. Therefore this t-shirt depicts the importance of friendship/companionship in life. This design is only available in melange heather grey.
  • Triangle design: The triangles on this t-shirt depicts water and fire. The layout illustrates unity and balance. This design is available in both melange heather grey and mid blue.
  • Life design: Life defined means ‘To exist’, this t-shirt was designed as a reminder of how precious life is, to help those in need and to always live life to the full. This design in available in melange red and mid blue.

Our t-shirts are made from salvaged materials. More specifically 60% recycled organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester. They are of premium quality and soft to touch. All our t-shirts are a unisex fit and are available in sizes Extra Small, Small, Medium & Large.

Every t-shirt that is sold results in £2 (10% of the retail price) being donated to our charity partner Mary’s Meals. £2 is sufficient to feed a child for over a month whilst they attend school in some of the worlds poorest communities. You can find out more about the work done by Mary’s Meals here.

We are currently designing our spring/summer 2016 range, which we will be able to share with you soon. Keep checking our social media and website for more information.

You can buy our t-shirts here.

Thank you for reading – Stay tuned for more posts!

T-shirt designs