recycled t shirts

Step One: Making the Recycled T Shirts

All our t shirts start their lives as unwanted rubbish. They go through quite a journey before they reach you in their current form.

Our designs are printed onto premium quality recycled t shirts made by Salvage Fashion. They take cuttings from organic cotton textile production and fibres from recycled plastic bottles to create the ultra soft cotton polyester blend  fabric that is then made into high quality beautifully finished t shirts that we then use for our full range of t shirts.



Step Two: Creating the DesignsTriangle Grey Tee Bust

We spend a lot of time creating our unique t shirt designs.
Each one has it’s own unique meaning and highlights the core elements of life & the world around us.
Check out our latest designs available in our store today.






Step Three: Printing & Packaging

All our recycled t shirts are screen printed using environmentally friendly processes & water based inks to ensure they are as friendly as they can be to the world around us.  Once they’re printed we hand package each t shirt to order in the 98% recycled A4 brown boxes sealed with a branded sticker.