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Leonardo Di Caprio’s Oscar acceptance speech

Leonardo Oscar Speech

At long last Leonardo Di Caprio has won an Oscar!

Firstly we would like to congratulate Leonardo Di Caprio on his Oscar win, something that has been long overdue!He won Best Actor for his role in The Revenant, in LA last night. However I would like to talk about his thought provoking speech. His acceptance speech was sublime. As an environmentalist he used his speech to draw attention to matters close to his heart, climate change. He managed to bring big world issues into the spotlight. I hope everyone takes a moment to actually take in what he was saying on the night.

The Revenant was pictured to display “Mans relationship with the natural world.” The worlds environment is something at present being damaged by man. “2015 was the hottest year in the history of our planet.” This proves that our collective carbon footprint is increasing.

“Climate change is real” and is an immediate threat to our planet and species.“We need to work collectively together”. One persons good work can be outdone by anothers. We need to work alongside each other in this world to save our planet & species. If we continue in this way what kind of world are we leaving for our children? There are lots of simple changes that we can make to our daily routines that would result in a massive reduction in our carbon footprint. Please see our previous blog posts for easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint & help to save our planet, something that we all take for granted.

You can watch the whole speech here

Leonardo Oscar Speech