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Why earth hour is helping to protect our planet

Earth Hour Blog

Earth Hour Saturday 19th March 2016 8.30 – 9.30pm

Switch off your lights and turn on your social power.

Earth hour is a time of year when people all across the world come together to protect the future of our planet. Its important we come together to protect the worlds environment, otherwise one persons hard work will be outdone by another. To get involved simply sign up here and switch off all your non-essential lights.  There are so many other things we could do for one little hour for this good cause; you could have a romantic candle lit meal, relaxing bath by candlelight or watch a scary movie in the dark. As its a Saturday night I’m going to watch a movie with my family with just our low carbon candles flickering in the dark.

Its not just about how much energy and money is saved during the hour. But the opportunity to highlight the problems facing our planet. Animals are becoming extinct, rhinos and elephants are at a high risk because they are being hunted for their horns and tusks. As a result of climate change, the Artic sea ice has reduced and therefore caused the polar bear to become endangered. We need to act now before its too late and we can no longer protect our environment or the animals that walk on our planet with us.

Earth hour is a chance to unite and inspire everyone to lead an eco-friendly & sustainable lifestyle. Thus preserving and protecting the worlds environment for generations to come.

For more tips and advice on how to lower your carbon footprint and live sustainably stay tuned to our blog and youtube channel!

To find out more information on Earth Hour click here

Earth Hour Blog