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Climate Change: Before the Flood

Before the Flood blog post

Before the Flood documentary with National Geographic channel and U.N. Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio.

The documentary follows Di Caprio as he explores the world and sees all the destruction caused by climate change. I can’t recommend enough that you all should watch this documentary. The information provided is astonishing. For instance did you know that its predicted that if we carry on using fossil fuels for energy we will be able to sail over the North Pole by 2040. Thats only 24 years away! This means that places like Florida will all be under sea level.

Apart from all the devastating damage the earth has already sustained, there are still people who do not believe in climate change. Which I find bewildering. How can we ignore the evidence? In the last century sea levels have risen seven inches, more than the previous 2000 years. In 2011 it was recorded that 1000 tons of carbon dioxide per second is being dumped into the worlds environment. Its been proven over and over again that the polar ice caps are melting, the sea levels are rising and the global temperature is rising. As a result of habitats and ecosystems disappearing over 1 millions species are now extinct as a result of climate change.

I think there is a big misconception that climate change means that everywhere in the world will get warmer when thats simply not true. For one, the continent of Europe is said to get colder.

There are now only three rain forests left in the world. But the expansion of the palm oil business has meant that 80% of the Indonesian rainforest has been destroyed. Palm oil can be found in a wide range of products available in shops all around the world. Simple decisions made in supermarkets have big consequences for the worlds environment.

What can we do?

The first step towards stopping climate change is accepting that it’s real &  happening now. We can work together and act now! We can solely use renewable energy resources and leave fossil fuels in the ground. There is still hope. If we stop using all fossil fuels the global temperature will eventually begin to drop. But if we don’t the consequences will be catastrophic.

Sweden has set its sights on becoming the first fossil fuel free nation. I hope this will inspire other countries to make changes and follow suit.

Is legislating a carbon tax the answer?

You can watch Before the Flood here.

Before the Flood blog post