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Will the ‘Asda Wonky Veg Box’ idea help to reduce waste?

Food waste blog post

How food waste affects the worlds environment

You may have noticed recently that Asda have launched a new idea called the ‘wonky veg box’. This is a 5kg box of vegetables that are slightly past their best but still perfectly safe to eat. it might be that perhaps they are slightly misshapen or knobbly but still “beautiful on the inside”. It costs £3.50 and is said to be sufficient to feed a family of four for over a week.

I for one this is a really great idea! It will indefinitely reduce the amount of waste that supermarkets produce and help customers save money.

On average every supermarket throws away more than 40kg of unsold good every single day! i find this outrageous when there are millions of people starving across the world. This food could be donated to food banks, homeless shelters and do so much good, rather than being left to rot.

Although a percentage on food waste comes from retail stores the majority is from our homes. Either because we bought too much fresh food such as bread, fruit or vegetables. Or we just prepare too much food to consume. We can reduce the amount of food we waste by:

  • Planning our meals – prevents you from shopping for things you already have at home and from buying food you won’t be using.
  • If you throw a lot of bread in the trash try buying the smaller loads of freezing half the loaf of bread.
  • Check the shelf life of the items you are buying to ensure you have a long period to consume the items.
  • Check the food storage instructions to ensure the food won’t become inedible.

7 million tonnes of food & drink is wasted every year. 4.4 million could have been eaten and 2.6 million tonnes weren’t used in time.

When food waste is sent to landfill air cannot reach it because of all the other waste placed on top. This means it is broken down anaerobically and produces methane. Methane is very harmful to the worlds environment. Waste such as fruit, vegetables, egg shells and teabags can be composted. This allows the food waste to be broken down aerobically and prevents the production of methane.

So not only does reducing food waste save you money it reduces the amount of greenhouse gases that are present in the worlds atmosphere.

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Food waste blog post