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Upcycled Newspaper Basket

Upcycled Newspaper Basket

How to make a storage basket from an old newspaper

You will need a newspaper, scissors and a stapler (or alternatively glue).

Step 1:

Take 6 sheets of newspaper. One sheet at a time, fold them in half and repeat until an inch wide, then fix with a staple. Once you’ve completed all 6 sheets, lie them down next to each other to make sure they’re relatively even.

Step 2:

Lie down 3 newspaper strips vertically. With the other 3 strips begin to weave them horizontally. Once you’re sure they’re straight and criss-crossed correctly secure them with a staple (alternatively you can use glue). Fold the end of the strips over, they will make the basket sides.

Step 3:

Bend the leftover strips up a 90 degree angle and repeat the weaving process with another strip of newspaper. Again make sure that you secure with a staple as you go. When you’ve completed 2 strips height on the sides, secure then end and move on to step 4.

Step 4:

With the scissors go round the sides of the basket cutting off any excess strips of newspaper. Use the second side strip as a guide.

Step 5:

Finally we need another sheet of newspaper and again fold in half till an inch wide, but this time do not fixate with a staple. We are going to seal the sides of the basket by placing the strip of newspaper over both sides, now fix with a staple.

Additionally you can add paint to the basket to personalise it. However we prefer the natural look of the newspaper and the effect it adds to our office.

You can watch our newspaper basket tutorial here.

I know previously I have blogged about how using staples is bad for the environment and I still firmly believe that. In the case of this basket I find it acceptable to use staples as its not a one use product, its going to be used for a long time as a storage basket on my desk.

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Upcycled Newspaper Basket