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5 Top Recycling Tips


5 Tips to help you increase your household recycling.

  1. Keep a rubbish bag or bin at your front door so you can recycle your junk mail as soon as it comes through your letter box.
  2. Flatten your cardboard before you place it in the recycling bin. This will allow you to fit more in your bin, increasing the amount you can recycle.
  3. If you’re unsure about what can be recycled check online¬†here¬†on your local council website. You’ll be surprised about all the things you can actually recycle. Up to 70% of our waste can actually be recycled.
  4. All plastic bottles can be recycled, even mouthwash and sauce bottles, including their lids. Additionally metal items such as tin foil and empty aerosols can be recycled.
  5. Place your indoor recycling bin next to your general waste bin. This will act as a reminder and make it easier to recycle.


If your recycling bin is full, you can use recycle points at your local supermarket ‘drop when you shop’. I have this problem and have managed to incorporate this in with my weekly shop. I now have to remember to pack the car with my excess recycling rubbish and my carrier bags needed for my shopping. But now its become a weekly routine it makes it easier to remember.


Recycling is an easy & simple process. It also has the potential to save your council money and protect the worlds environment.

5 Recycling tips