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10 tips to reduce your carbon footprint

Car fumes

Small changes can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money

If everyone reduced their carbon footprint just a small amount it would have a massive positive impact on the worlds environment.

1) Driving better by slowly accelerating & maintaining a steady speed you could save up to a tonne of CO2 per year.

2) Car tyres – Keeping your car tyres correctly inflated.

3) Being proactive; switching off all appliances that you’re not using and turning of the lights when you leave a room.

4) Appliances – when buying a new appliance make sure you check the energy label to see how energy efficient they are. Products will be rated on a scale from A+++ to D, A+++ being the most energy efficient and D the least.

5) Wall / Loft insulation – although this costs money it will prevent heat being lost from your home and save you a lot of money in the future.

6) Air conditioning – Rather than using air conditioning or a fan try opening a window first, to see if that’s enough to cool down the room.

7) Recycle – paper, cardboard, cans, cartons, glass, plastic bottles and clothes.

8) Don’t waste food – All food thats wasted produces methane and carbon emissions in the landfill. Both of which have a negative impact on the worlds environment.

9) Public transport / walking – I understand that we all tend to use our own cars because of convenience & lack of time. However if you’re just popping to the local shops that’s 5 minutes up the road, try walking or cycling. Not only is this good for the environment, but it’s good exercise and will save you money on petrol/diesel.

10) Printing – If you really need to print, try and use double sided printing. this reduces the amount of paper used by half!

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