Tips to reduce your paper wastage

 Tips to reduce your paper wastage

Why you should try to reduce your paper usage

On average 90% of paper comes from trees – often unsustainably. Reducing paper usage has a positive impact on the environment. Additionally it will save you money, which is always a plus.


  • Double sided printing – I’ve wrote about this tip numerous times before. But I can’t stress how easy and effective it is. Double sided printing allows you to reduce the amount of paper used by half.
  • Place recycling bins all around the house or office – This acts as a visual stimulus to encourage people to actively recycle.
  • Switch bank statements and bills to electronic – This will reduce the amount of post sent to your house an therefore the amount of waste/recycling, again lowering the carbon footprint of the household.
  • Cancel unnecessary subscriptions from catalogues and magazines – Alternatively try online magazine/newspaper subscriptions.
  • Try adjusting the font style and size to allow more text to fit a standard sheet of paper.
  • Use electronic storage instead of printing and storing hard copies.
  • Alternatively try using a whiteboard for notes and lists .
  • Say no to spam mail.

These tips may sound simplistic but trust me they can have a big impact on the worlds environment and the amount of money you save. Give them a try for a few weeks see what difference it makes.

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