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Tips to reduce your paper wastage

Tips to reduce your paper wastage

Why you should try to reduce your paper usage On average 90% of paper comes from trees – often unsustainably. Reducing paper usage has a positive impact on the environment. Additionally it will save you money, which is always a plus. Tips: Double sided printing – I’ve wrote about this tip numerous times before. But […]

Upcycled Newspaper Basket

Upcycled Newspaper Basket

How to make a storage basket from an old newspaper You will need a newspaper, scissors and a stapler (or alternatively glue). Step 1: Take 6 sheets of newspaper. One sheet at a time, fold them in half and repeat until an inch wide, then fix with a staple. Once you’ve completed all 6 sheets, […]

T-shirt designs

Designing our t-shirts

The meaning behind our launch t-shirt designs and colours. Our launch t-shirts included three different tee designs; arrow, triangle and life tee. With these designs we used three different coloured salvage t-shirts; red, blue and grey. Arrow design: The two arrows crossed over, facing the same way indicates friendship. A circle has many meanings; circle […]

Plastic shopping bag 5p charge

Should we be charged 5p for plastic carrier bags?

How reducing the use of one-use plastic bags can benefit the environment. Since October 5th 2015 shops in England have been legally required to charge 5p for single-use plastic carrier bags. Some people I’ve spoken to about this are very much against it & just view it as a ploy to allow shops to make […]

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