Can up-cycling save you money?

Upcycled drawer handle END


The quick answer is yes up-cycling can save you money. It also decreases your carbon footprint, so its a no brainer right?

Up-cycling is the process by which we reuse items to create a product of higher quality or value. For example, sanding down a chest of drawers to remove any scratches, or if you simply don’t like the colour & giving it a new lick of paint. This can give the impression that they’re brand new. Not only does up-cycling save you money it also reduces your waste. Therefore lowering your carbon footprint and the negative impact on the worlds environment.

There are a number of easy and innovative ways to up-cycle.

Up-cycling drawer handles.

I’ve wanted to buy some new drawer handles for a while, as mine are quite boring and I wanted to add one character to the room. Thats when I had the idea to up-cycle them, by using products I already had at home.


I removed the handles from the drawers and began by giving them a base coat using white matt paint. Once that had dried I began to draw on the design. Im a big fan of marvel so I knew straight away what the design was going to be. The Avengers. The 4 designs I chose were Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye and the Avengers logo.



After I drew on the design I started to paint over it using the necessary colours. I applied two coats of paint to make sure I had solid colours. Once the second coat had dried and I was happy that everything looked as it should, I added a layer of clear varnish. This was to act as a layer of protection, to prevent any scratches or chips.

To finish I simply screwed the handles back onto their drawers. The best thing about this is that I didn’t have to spend any money or cause any extra household waste.

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