About Us

Joined in Life CIC (JIL) is an eco-friendly fashion brand, born from a passion to give back to the world and the people in it. We donate 10% of sales to our charity partner Mary’s Meals

We are focused on producing fresh & unique designs to the highest quality. All products are produced using organic &/or recycled materials. JIL offers stylish & affordable t-shirts that not only look good but are good for the environment & feed children around the world.

The mission for JIL is to increase awareness about sustainable fashion & to encourage people to help those less fortunate. By buying JIL products you can show your support for eco-friendly clothing & our charitable cause. Normally when you buy a t-shirt its because you like the brand, or that particular design. JIL allows you to buy a t-shirt that not only looks good but also does a lot of good.

We believe that we should take care of the world’s environment and the people in it. By selling organic/recycled t-shirts and donating 10% allows us all to give back in small doses.

Check out our Facebook & Twitter to get more information about how your donations are spent by Mary’s Meals. Tag us and Use #Joined to show us how you styled your t shirt & be part of the community, & conversation around eco-friendly practices.


Jane Wimpenny – Director

Hi, my name is Jane Wimpenny and I created Joined in Life in 2015. The vision is to increase awareness about the environmental issues in the world and to encourage our customers to make eco-friendly choices, whilst giving back to the community. Clothing and packaging are made from organic &/or recycled supplies, so you can feel better about not polluting the world’s atmosphere. You can rest assured that every purchase makes a difference with 10% going towards supporting our charity partner Mary’s Meals.

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”

-Ralph Marston

Connect with Us

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